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Powers - Ursula K. Le Guin This one was the longest and best of the three. I really loved it and didn't want it to be over. It follows the story of a slave boy in an important house in a large city. He was stolen from the Marsh People as a baby, and has little or no memory of his home.

UKL understands slavery, what it does to your mind and how it changes who you are. She's well-acquainted with grief. Sometimes her stories are like pain dipped in honey, they're so sad and beautiful.

Through the various people he lives with and the cultures he's exposed to, Gavir (the viewpoint character) learns a lot about the meaning of freedom. Again and again he finds he must leave the people he's with, the life he has learned, and travel somewhere else, as each group which had seemed benign and benevolent, who seemed to be his people, turn out to be something different.

I highly recommend this series. It's some of the best fantasy that I've ever read, and UKL is one of the best writers.