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Sundiver - David Brin I've already bought all six books in this series, so I'm going to read them all. This first one, though, didn't thrill me much for a number of reasons. For one thing, it featured a superhero type protagonist and another superhero type for a love interest. I seem to prefer books in which it's ordinary people who do the things that turn out to be extraordinary, just by doing what they feel. It's also a mystery with a lot of plot twists, and those are not my favorite type of book.

The technology was outstanding, though, and the amount of real science that went into describing the sun and the various ship systems, etc. Those were fun. He got everything right scientifically, and that makes a great deal of difference to me.

This was his first published novel, so I'm expecting he gets much smoother and less amateurish as the series progresses. I know that one of them won the Nebula, so I feel pretty sure that the writing will be excellent eventually.

My good friend Grisha loved the series, so I know there must be something good in it. Also, I was very underwhelmed by the first Harry Potter book, so sometimes it takes a while to kind of catch on to what's cool about a new writer for me. For those reasons I'll keep trying. I'll finish this trilogy and the second one as well. I expect it will eventually capture my attention and enjoyment.