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Stones Into Schools: Promoting Peace With Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan - Greg Mortenson Very satisfying to read how much progress CAI has made since we left off at the end of "Three Cups of Tea". I loved the motley cast of hard-working characters. It's really nice to hear the military over there is aware of Greg's work and listens to his voice, his ideas, and his wisdom.

The writing on this book was somewhat better than on the last, but what captivates about these is just the simple story of an ordinary man with no particular charisma or public-speaking skills taking things into his own hands and making a real difference in the world. The books give me great hope for the future of the world. They teach us that we don't have to wait for some aid organization or some government to make things right. We can just do it ourselves.

I believe the next generation, those who have been raised with the internet, within this new global neighborhood, will finish what we here today are starting. They will finish the unification of the world and the application of rich-world resources to poor-world problems so that in the future anyone's problems will be everyone's problems, and we'll all pull together to clean up this slum called the world and make it into a clean, safe, beautiful, and healthy home for the family of humankind.