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No Highway - Nevil Shute I'd forgotten how good this one was. My favorite scene was the meeting when all the proper British types let fly at one another over the matter of the possibility of fatigue fractures in the tailplane of the fictional Reindeer aircraft. It reminded me of many a contentious meeting I've seen while working to put new machinery into commission in mills and plants around the world. I was very proud of our narrator for standing by his employee Mr. Honey even when he did something so crazy as lifting the undercarriage of a plane that the operators wouldn't ground that was unsafe. He pulled the switch to lift the undercarriage while the plane was sitting on the tarmac. Up went the wheels and down came the plane on its belly. He grounded it all right. =) I wish my bosses would stand behind their employees so steadfastly as that.

The movie they made of this book features James Stewart as Mr. Honey, and he's perfect for the role. When something similar happened to real airplanes in Britain a decade after this book came out, people asked
"Where is Mr. Honey?"

Nevil Shute is so funny and great. His books are totally true to life. He's got the greatest understated sense of humor. Mr. Honey is one of my favorite of his characters. Please read this one. It's a sheer delight.