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The Wild Girls - Ursula K. Le Guin A slim volume, filled with good stuff, The Wild Girls has the title story plus a few essays, poems, and an interview. It was lovely! I hope UKL publishes whatever comes out of her pen, long or short, fiction or essay, from now on. I can't bear to wait years between the big novels, you know.

The title story was wonderful though too short. I want a whole novel about these people, this world. I cared about them from the very start through the tragic end. The story makes me ask why is life like this? Why does it have to be like this? It's painful and true, and there is a sense in which it is overcome simply by seeing, knowing, understanding, and recognizing the truth.

The essays were good and to the point. She's such a wise person. I enjoy sitting at the feet of the master, listening to her observations. Her poetry, though so far it has never captured me and become part of my favorite poetry, is enjoyable to read. Maybe if I read it more I would find more in it. But for now I read them once and think "yes, that's nice" and pass on. Her prose is quite poetic, and some of her prose passages and turns of phrase that stick in my mind through the years are among the best poetry I know. So I should probably read her poetry with more attention. But so far I find them good but not riveting. I'd love to hear if others have seen more, and if they have favorites to point out.