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The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time - Douglas Adams Just reread this and wanted to register my reaction. Douglas Adams was very funny in a way that was intelligent and insightful. I'm so sorry he's gone. This book is sort of a tribute to him, and is fitting, as such, but the part of a novel that is contained therein is about as disappointing as you'd expect from an unfinished draft version. His books are really all about the wonderful hilarious ideas he has, I think. The plot, characters, pacing, and settings, if any, are quite haphazard and scattered all over the place. He has a delightful sort of philosophy of life that comes through it all, and I think that's what it is I love about him. He brings the wonder of everything back, the bizarreness, and the beauty.

We live, he says, at the bottom of a gravity well on a gas-covered planet orbiting a nuclear explosion 93 million miles away, and the fact that we think this is normal shows how skewed our perspective really is.

I think I'll try reading P. G. Wodehouse because of one essay in here in which DNA lauds him in a way that makes him sound really good. I might try Ruth Rendell, as well, on his recommendation, though I really don't enjoy mystery books very much as a rule. It sounds like she's one of those excellent writers for whom the mystery is a pretext to tell us all the other cool stuff she thinks about, and her perceptions of the world.

I think the deadlines whooshing by were mentioned 5 times at least, in different introductions, forewords, essays, etc. and I thought it needed a rest. The computer and gaming things were quite out of date now, a decade after DNA's death, but still were interesting just to see the sort of vision he had. All in all this book is recommended for DNA fans but not for those who aren't already. Try H2G2 or Dirk Gently instead, if you're new to him.