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Infinity's Shore - David Brin Call this one a 2.5 star book. I do want to know what happens. There are plenty of cliffhangers throughout and some big ones at the end. I like some of the characters, Dwer, Emerson, Rety, maybe Gillian. The aliens are cool and very different from any other aliens I've read about in 30 years of reading Science Fiction. So I give him a lot of points for originality and inventiveness. He seems to think up new and different alien species effortlessly. The science is good, which is a huge plus.

But... he still is just not a very good writer, I'm afraid to say. The way he jumps from viewpoint to viewpoint is unpleasant and amateurish. I realized last night that these stories would make really good Saturday morning cartoons. In short episodes they would be much more fun and palatable. The ... cartoonishness is the only word ... of the characters and plot wouldn't jar in that venue. And the series could go on forever, as one feels this book series ultimately will. I mean, why not? As long as people keep buying them why end it? It's beginning to have that feel of the fifth book in the trilogy, if you know what I mean, and not in a good Hitchhikery way, either.

So I have one more left, and I'm going to start it today, but I've got some Ursula K. Le Guin books on the way from Amazon, so when they arrive there's no telling if I'll finish Heaven's Reach ever or not.